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Coming to a close…

Mom has just finished up her 4th chemo treatment at the cancer institute at North East Medical Center in Concord NC. They have her scheduled for 6 treatments but plan on taking another scan this coming week to see if the last 2 are needed. Praying for her since I know Jesus can heal anyone. I know he already has taken care of her. It’s been a journey for each of the family members. I’ve dealt with it as positively as I can without allowing negative thoughts come in a ruin the situation.

On a lighter note, my sister had her 4th child yesterday morning early in the morning. They named him Solomon. Great strong name. I’m very excited to be an uncle yet again. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a beautiful family and I look forward to seeing these kids grow into leaders of the church. My prayer for them is to learn at an early age who Christ is and what he means to us.

Lastly, have a wonderful weekend! I’m trying new avenues with my videos and have yet to find anything that sits right with me. I will probably start back soon with just using my iPhone but ideally I want to record with my DSLR. The lenses I have and the quality of cameras will work better for what I’m trying to achieve.

Talk to you soon!
~ Justin


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  1. J.: I was searching for a runner who did the NY city marathon under; run4christ and found your nice site. I will be praying for your mom (lost my day last year to C.), and if you’re ever in Charlotte, give me a ring and we can do a run.


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